Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I need to stop saying I'll update just jinxes myself.

Well...nine days later. Here are my October goals now that the month is almost a third of the way over.

1. Go to Oral Surgeon Appointment and schedule getting wisdom teeth pulled
2. Schedule appointment to go to Social Security Office
3. Schedule appointment for optometrist.
4. Brainstorm Christmas gifts.
5. Get under 1,000 on my current student loan that I'm snowballing payments on by end of month
6. Call Discover and negotiate APR or switch to local bank
7. Bake something! That Kitchenaid stand mixer is begging to be used!

Most importantly....get my spending under control. Set a budget for misc. purchases. 

There hasn't really been that much exciting stuff going on lately. Work has been a little slow-normal during this time of year. My dad is coming down to visit my husband and I this week and he is bringing down my wedding dress that he got preserved and my  miscellaneous wedding presents I didn't have room to bring back with me. He's also bringing the crockpot I got which is super exciting. Can't wait to finally try out some recipes! 

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  1. The Crockpot sounds awesome! I have one collecting dust. Maybe we can swap recipes. =)