Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've done it again....

I've done it again. I told myself on November 17th that I would make myself more accountable and blog more frequently, have I done it? Of course now. Have I read lots of pf blogs lately? Yes, of course. Have I broken out of my shell and commented on them-nope.

Anyway, on the plus side I have been working a lot these past couple of weeks and although I only work for tips I've been averaging 80-100 a night-not too shabby. I worked tonight at made 147 dollars for just 5 hours of work! I wish this was a year round job instead of just seasonal :).

I've got some Christmas shopping left to do, but I am planning on keeping track of all the money that I made this month-it's all cash-and then depositing it into the bank. I've made a budget for Christmas so hopefully I can stick to it for the most part. Tomorrow I am going to count all of the money that I made and make an excel sheet to track money coming in and going out. I'll write more tomorrow-but I need to be up in 3 hours so....

Good night blog world!
Former Sorority Girl-I graduated in May lol (maybe it's time to rename my blog?)