Monday, July 2, 2012

The Shopping Cart was full and I was ready to checkout

The shopping cart was full and I was ready to check out online. I had been hearing about E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) makeup and about their inexpensive and versatile products. A full set of makeup brushes for $30.00? Eye primer and cream liners for $3.00 each! Wait you spend $30 and then you get 10 free mineral eyeshadows!?!?!  That's awesome because I already spent $60 so I can get my ten free mineral eyeshadows for absolutely nothing. This deal ends July 2!? 

I started justifying everything. All of those youtube videos that I have been watching really wants me to start learning more about makeup.  Afterall, I'm 24 and it is about time to realize that you are supposed to use more than one shade on your eyes when you do your makeup. And why the heck haven't I been blending and shading and contouring and God knows what else?? I created a login name and I was ready to keep going forward. Then...then I remembered. How am I going to pay for this? Well with my credit card, of course! I wouldn't be foolish enough to use a debit card online-you never know what can happen with that-identity theft and fraud and all that. Ok...well that problem is solved. Let me just go grab my credit card from my wallet and then....oh. That's right. I took it out of my wallet and put it away somewhere so that I wouldn't have access to it. Well it's ok-I can just take it out of its hiding spot and I'll use it and then I'll pay it off right away and...

In the end I clicked out of the website-proceeded to go back to it three times that day, and clicked out of it again. Is $65 that much to spend? I mean come on-it's something that I want. Do I need mineral eye shadow when I hate loose powdered eyeshadows and don't use the ones I have? No. Do I need a $30 brush set when I already own 3 of those brushes? No. Do I need lipglosses when I already have four or five that are practically brand new? No. In the end I said no. In the end I decided to take that $65 and put it towards my credit card as an extra payment. I was strong this time-hopefully I will be again when the next temptation comes around the corner. :)