Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am such a hypocritical blogger....

I cannot begin to tell you the countless amount of times that I go exploring for new debt blogs by checking out everyone's blog rolls. It is something that I enjoy doing, and it allows me to find new blogs that I may not have been aware of at the time. I'll eagerly click on the link and start reading from the beginning of a new blog. What I love about debt blogs is the idea of transformation, renewal, and perserverance. Each month of posts that I read will begin to show people making progress, learning that their overspending is not bringing any happiness into their lives, and the way that they begin to change. It is truly a fascinating study of the human character. As I start to delve into that person's persona, as you will, and learn more and more about them, albeit they remain anonymous still in their own way, I begin to get attached. Not in a creepy way, I promise. Anyway, I can't tell you how many times my interests gets piqued, and then the updates just stop. It is in a perfectly unrational manner that I get upset with the blogger. I want to know what happened to them, if they incurred any more debt, or if they have been able to pay it off. However, when the last post is from December 2009, and it's November of 2010, I get an inkling that they will not be returning to update any time soon.
What is the point of this you might ask? Well the point is that I am a hypocrite. When was the last time that I updated my own blog? July. That's right...July. I make all of these promises to myself about how I am going to pay off all of my debt, start saving my money, and write down all of my spending, savings, debt payments, etc. Have I done any of that? No. Can I use the fact that I am in an intensive postbacaulaureate certificate program for paralegal studies? Not even close. For one thing, now that the first part of the program is over, I only have class two days a week because I am only going as a part time student. I have ample opportunity to write a blog entry. Secondly, if I have time to spend hours watching tv and surfing the blogworld, I have time to write. There should be no excuses. I read so many blogs where people have 9-5 jobs, three children, and a husband. They have to work, cook, clean, take their kids to activities, help them with homework, and everything else that comes with the mom job title. What do I have to do? Go to class from 9am-1pm two days a week. Yes, not very pressing or time consuming, I agree with you reader. I'm going to make a resolution of starting to write again. I actually really enjoy writing, so I don't know why I have felt like it has been a chore lately. I'm not waiting until New Years to start my resolution, because let's face it-New Year's resolutions last two weeks top and then people give up. The 6am workout might be great for the first week, and then you start to realize how much more tired you feel, how you want to go to bed earlier but you can't, and wouldn't it be ok to just sleep in for one day instead...yes. We all know how that usually ends up.
Anyway, I digress. A second resolution that I am going to attempt to make is to stop blog creeping. I am notorious for doing this. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I love reading blogs from the beginning to see all of the progress that people have made. However, I'm so thoughtless as to usually not leave a single comment. I should know better. I've only received one comment on this blog, and when I got my first comment it completely made my day. I felt like someone cared about my thoughts, as immature as they may have been. I should realize how much it brightens someone's day to get a message as simple as-"You are doing a great job, don't give up!" I for one, know that I would appreciate messages like that. However, you need to give in order to receive. Why should I expect people to comment on my blog, or for that matter, even be able to find it, if I don't give encouragement to others, or if I don't add them to a blog roll, of which is currently nonexistent. Hopefully, I will start to make progess on this today. My goal will be to write comments on at least 5 blogs a day. It truly isn't that hard.
Alright, well that said....I think that I am going to read through my blog, see where I left off, and then come back later and give everyone an update as to where I am at in my financial situation, etc.