Friday, June 17, 2011

My three things to do for tomorrow (non PF)

I'm a great list maker. I'm also a great procrastinator. To combat this I make a list of 3-4 things to do every day so that I don't overwhelm myself because I'm also great at worrying.


1. Send in resume (newly updated-go me) to Special Counsel
2. Get snacks for bachelorette party for Saturday
3. Apply to one job.

Well I have a ton more to do than that tomorrow but if I at least get those three things done it will be a start!

Good night!

-smart sorority girl

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We had the talk...kind of.

I'll be honest. I am extremely stressed about moving to North Carolina. I'm not scared because I'm leaving my friends and family, or because I'm going to a new state to live. I'm worried about finding a job. This weekend I told my fiance-face to face (He was in town for a wedding for our mutual friends) :) that I was probably moving down to North Carolina with around 400 in my bank account. He told me "You know I'll take care of you but you'll find a job-don't worry.

It was those words that actually helped. I guess I just need to realize that I might have to lean on him for support financially at first if I need to. He wants me down there. And don't get me wrong I want to be down there too but I almost wonder if it would be easier finding a job in North Carolina. He also told me he knows how independent I am and how much he knows that I wouldn't want to have to depend on him. I guess I finally need to accept this.

On the plus side he bought a used car this weekend, so now we will both have a car in North Carolina. I'll be driving his jetta but the car is an audi with a stick shift so I might just have to learn how to drive stick. :)

On the other side of things this weekend was EXPENSIVE. I had a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, and a wedding all in one weekend. And not one of those events were for the same couple. Sigh. I have another bachelorette party this weekend. I just wish that I had the money to where I could be enjoying these events with my best friends and not stressing over them or wishing that I could avoid them at all costs. :( I feel so poor for the first time in my life and I hate it.) I guess poor is the wrong word to use but for the first time in my life I have to tell myself things like I can't afford it. My summer job in the past always made me enough for me to get by, but now I only work 10 days this month. TEN! Gargh...but you know what..It's a means to an end. I'm leaving in July.

Tomorrow will be spent updating my resume and applying for jobs. I feel like such a broken record when I talk about my job search. However, now more than ever it is time for me to get serious.

Here were some of my costs for the weekend

Friday- Bachelorette Party
Bar Wristband which included all you could drink for 3 hours-25
Misc at bar/tips- 5

*That doesn't include 25 gift card as gift for victoria secrets that I purchased for bride to be-


5 hour energy drinks-5
check for bride and groom-175
Hotel room-89
Tips for drinks-5

Gas-25 do the math I feel too sick. The fiance is supposed to split the 175 check with me since we both are friends of the bride and groom. I wrote a check instead of him writing it because he doesn't have a bank in NC that he can cash checks at-they don't have his branch there-but...he forgot. Actually, he was a groomsman and was running around taking pictures with the bridal party, while I was checking into the hotel and writing out the check and signing the card. However, I am not concerned about that because seriously-he might be paying for me for everything if I don't find a job in NC right away.

Is it bad that I am DREADING this bachelorette party?
Dinner, portion of bride's dinner, drinks for her, drinks for me, gift for bride-Gosh. I love my friends but why do they have to all get married at once this summer. Sigh...I feel like a bad friend because I feel like I'm not contributing enough. :(

Oh well..that's enough out of me for tonight.

-Smart Sorority Girl

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After 20 years...I'm done with school! (For now)

I am officially done with my paralegal studies program. It feels amazing to say that. It's time to begin the job search which is incredibly scary. I am moving to North Carolina in July. I can't believe it. I am scared that I won't be able to find a job, and I'm scared that I will run out of money really quickly. I'm working part time but the pay is 8.25 an hour and I'm only working 10 times this month but for long hours.'s not much but at least it's a little bit of income. I just can't wait until I find an actual job. Fingers crossed.

I feel that this blog will be my place to talk all about my life in North Carolina. Once I finally have a job I can create a budget, savings, and pay off debt. I'll also feel better about starting to plan my wedding...gulp. lol. I've found a lot of great new blogs if you are interested in people that are new to the saving/paying off debt game that we all love so much. They can definitely use your support. Check them out here!

At mymoneystory the blogger goal is to spend only 12 dollars a day to pay off her credit card debt. How cool is that! that I am done with school I'll have time to update the blog more. For the most part it will be spending because I have 3 weddings to attend from now until July. It's going to be expensive!