Friday, August 6, 2010

New Card?

I just signed up for a new discover card. I'm praying that I will be approved so that I can do a 0% balance transfer with 0%APR for nine months. 1st Financial Bank has been the death of me for the past 3 years now. I can't wait to get rid of the debt on that card and never use it again!!!!! I've been working so hard to get this card paid off! I really hope that I get approved for the card. Fingers crossed! Almost all the money that I have made this summer has gone entirely to debt repayment. Sigh...I know it is worth it. I just wish that it hadn't gotten so out of control! I can do this though. I want my future to be better. I plan on starting to save money for my student loans as soon as the credit card is paid off in its entirety. Maybe I could start selling some books online? We'll see. I just wish I had a better paying part time job, or at least I could work more hours. The job I have right now is a complete joke! Maybe I should update my resume and see where it takes me. Alright, well that's all for now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm really freaking proud of myself right now! As of right now my balance on my credit card is 1294. It hasn't been that low in well over a year! I haven't charged a single thing on my card since May when I had my one year anniversary! Since May I have paid over 600 off of my credit card. I recently applied for a new credit card and I'm praying that I'll get approved since I am in desperate need of a 0% balance transfer. No joke-I actually have dreams about getting it and being able to pay off my card even faster with no interest rates. My current apr is 23% it's ridiculous, however I've been doing everything in power this summer to get it paid off. I'm only working a summer job that I get paid 8.25 an hour for and I usually only get to work around 30 hours every 2 weeks. The money isn't coming in like I need it to. The only money that I have spent on myself this summer has been the tip money that I recieve-usually 150 per month. I've been so careful about spending, and it's finally paying off! The only problem is that I need to have some money saved for when school starts as well. Although I can do without as long as I can get this damn card paid off! I'm willing to sacrifice. It's totally worth it to me!

Total Amount of Credit Issued to You by the Bank (Your Credit Limit)
Amount Currently Charged to Your Account (Your Current Account Balance)
Is Your Last Payment Received by the Bank on 08/02/2010 and is Included in Your Current Account Balance.

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