Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Losing a little control...

Ok, so it has been a while since I have updated. I have some good news and bad news.
Good news-I have not charged anything onto my credit card in over a month. Bad News: my APR rate is ridiculously high, so it feels like I am being killed with interest!!!
Bad news- Ever since I have gotten my loan money, I seem to have been spending money like it's my job. What's the really sad part? 90% of what I have spent has been on food. I only receiver 1999 in loan money and 1250 of that is allocated for rent. The rest is meant to be for food.

I definitely need to go to the grocery store soon so that I'll stop eating out so much. The hard thing about not buying food is that on Monday and Friday I am on campus from 8:30-5pm straight through. I usually end up getting something to eat on campus during my lunchtime, but lately I've just been drinking coffee and eating when I get home. Tuesday, Thursday I am on campus from 9:30-3 straight through without a break. On Tuesday and Thursday I usually never buy anything at least, not even coffee. On Wednesday, I am on campus from 8:30am-9pm almost entirely straight through, again only with a break from 12-2. It is usually on Wed. that I get something to eat after one of my classes that ends at 5. Otherwise, I would be going 12.5 hours without eating. Do you know what the sad thing is? I'm perfectly capable of going all of that time without eating, however, I force myself to eat some days. When I was younger, I suffered through an eating disorder. It was never diagnosed, and my family/friends never found out, however at times they may have been suspicious. I do a lot better now, but it is still a challenge to not think about every calorie that is entering my body. I used to go days without eating, and I know that it is sooo easy to fall back into old habits, especially when I'm very busy and under a lot of stress.

Anyway, I digress. I've decided that I am going to put any extra money that I make during the month, including any money that I make from working towards my credit card. It's kind of crazy, I have been reading this guy's blog who originally was 644,000 in debt and 50,000 of that was in credit cards!!!!! His monthly minimum credit card payments could entirely wipe out my credit card debt. However, I definitely would not want to be in his place. I must say, however, that I have read all of his blog entries and he has come an amazing way from when he first started out. Congratulations to him, I'll have to put up his link to his blog. Hopefully he will update it soon!

Alright, well I decided in order to stop spending so much money, I'm going to start keeping track of every cent that I spend instead of just swiping my debit card. Let's see how it works out! More later, but right now I have 200 pages to read for tomorrow, not to mention my Indonesian homework! (I'm learning the language).

I hope everyone is doing well!