Monday, May 9, 2011

And the Credit Score is....

Woot! My Credit Score went up...24 points!!!

My new score is.... 770! I am so excited! Now to just finish my Paralegal Program, move to North Carolina, and find a job to pay off my 52,124 dollars worth of student loans. It's definitely going to be an adventure!

I'm so excited to get a real job (god willing) make budgets, and make loan and credit card payments.

Sorry I haven't updated in months but with work, school, or internship every day 7 days a week it gets a little hectic. Sometimes I have work and internship. Other days I have work and school, and on my special special days I have school, internship, and then work. Hope you understand. I'll post more once I have more money coming in than coming out of my pockets.

-smart sorority girl (hopefully smart enough to land a Paralegal/Legal Assistant job soon!)