Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm on to you Sallie Mae and does anyone know where Mysti from Digging out from our mess went?

First off- does anyone know what happened to Mysti? It looks like she has made her blog private and I loved reading her blog on a daily basis. :( I hope everything is ok with her  and her family and I hope she comes back soon! We miss you Mysti!

Anyway- I love when you log into your account and it shows that there is a $0 minimum payment owed on one of your loans that you pay monthly. Nice try but I'm not falling for that. I'll continue to make payments even when I'm "ahead" and get that loan down one month at a time. On a more positive note my original balance of $6500 on my smart option loan will finally be around $3930 after this payment of $110 which I have continued to pay monthly  even as my minimum balance has gone lower and lower. I'm going to continue my snowball method of lowest to highest debt payoff. It really keeps me on track and I can see the visible progress. I'm one of those instant gratification kind of girls. :) In other real plans for Halloween besides watching my DVRed episode of American Horror Story with the hubby and doing some laundry/straightening up the bedroom. Very exciting stuff! How about you? Any exciting plans for tonight?

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  1. Great job on paying down the debt! I am instant gratification kind of gal as well. =)