Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screw ups, Lessons learned, and Discover has decided to take their ball and go home….

Screw ups, Lessons learned, and Discover has decided to take their ball and go home….

I’ll break this down by topic 

STUDENT LOANS: This will be a pretty long post since I barely posted this month. I logged into my Sallie Mae account on Monday and absolutely panicked when I saw Account 1 day Overdue for 164.40. Umm what!? I ALWAYS pay my student loans on time. I look over to see if I have any pending payments still and it shows one for 82.20-definitely not 164. Did I miss a payment somehow? I must have with the new set up Sallie Mae has to pay loans. I quickly make the payment for 164 and some change. I don’t want any late charges on my account! I can’t believe I screwed up. That is when it hits me….82.20 + 82.20= 164.40. They must have added November’s bill to October’s bill which means…I just paid for 3 months of payments. Damn. And guess what…that 82.20 in pending…that’s why my account is showing overdue. I call Sallie Mae just to make sure and they do say that the original amount plus the 164 is pending. I’m ok with the overpayment even though I had made a large snowball to my Cornerstone loan that week. I also asked about late charges and reporting to credit bureaus. It turns out that there is a 15 day grace period with Sallie Mae. It isn’t until the 16th of the month that they would charge a late fee. Also, they don’t report to credit bureaus until after 31 days. Well I’m safe but my bank account is definitely lighter. I’m still going to make payments for November and December on that one loan because I don’t want to accumulate any interest. Like I said…lesson learned. Now that I have mentioned it, my corner stone loan is down to 906.00!!! I am so excited! I don’t think that I will be able to reach my goal of getting 3 student loans paid off in 2013 but hey… having two loans paid off is still a great feeling! I’ll just have to try harder in 2014 but hey the year isn’t over yet either! I might be able to pull it off still.

Once again I haven’t made that much progress when it comes to my goals. I might need to consider limiting my goals or stop making such large (to me) goals. Ok…let’s see.
1. Go to Oral Surgeon Appointment and schedule getting wisdom teeth pulled- I went to the oral surgeon on Monday and I have an appointment set for November 26th. This is going to cost my husband and I around $1500 not including prescriptions and after care (milkshakes and smoothies ;) ). It’s a necessary evil though and I scheduled it right around Thanksgiving to lessen the time I will have to take off of work. I could wait until January and have the full amount of dental benefits available again which is 1500 but I’m not going to be able to take off work right after the new year. 

2. Schedule appointment to go to Social Security Office----umm still a no on that one. It’s not like I am purposely putting it off- Fridays are the only day I get out early-and the office closes at 3pm. I feel like every Friday I have some appointment or event going on lately…sigh. So I will have to pick a day to leave work early. I need to get this one done-I DO want my name changed before I go home for Christmas.

3. Schedule appointment for optometrist.-again…nope. Right now I’m concentrated on my wisdom teeth- but I do know of a vision place so I just need to see if they accept Tricare.

4. Brainstorm Christmas gifts.- I actually came up with two ideas for my brother and dad…It is a start.

5. Get under 1,000 on my current student loan that I'm snowballing payments on by end of month-I did this! Finally a goal that I accomplished this month. I am currently at $906 on that loan.

6. Call Discover and negotiate APR or switch to local bank- more on that down below…

7. Bake something! That Kitchenaid stand mixer is begging to be used! Well I made brownies out of box-how sad is that? I didn’t use the stand mixer yet. The funny thing is that I packed some for my husband to take into the field (Basically they go out into the woods and do various army exercises and practice things) and he shared them with the guys in the office and they loved them and said “Tell your wife to bake more.” I was like…they are out of a box lol! I do love baking though so I think maybe I’ll finally start to do it some more. I love baking…I just don’t like desserts….good for me though I guess.

Most importantly....get my spending under control. Set a budget for misc. purchases. – I’m working on it. S and I have been talking about babies recently (well not for several more months) but we need to get into a budget especially if I am going to stop working once the baby is born.

Finally…Discover took their ball and went home.
I finally decided to try to lower my APR. My local bank is offering my 0% for 12  months and then 11.99% after that. Before I make that decision to get a card and do a balance transfer I wanted to see if Discover would play ball. They wouldn’t. I think I missed a call from my local bank to set up an appointment so I need to call them back. I’ve been playing phone tag for quite a while with them. I might be able to sit down with them this Friday.  Fingers crossed. I’d like to make some progress with 200 payments versus it being all eaten up in interested and being right back to where I started . Ok well that’s it for now…I’ve been working on this post little bits at a time during work for several days when I had a moment or two to write but I’ve kind of lost my original motivation to make a more detailed post..oh well. Maybe the next one.

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  1. 2 paid off student loans is still AWESOME!!! =)