Monday, September 30, 2013

Revisting my September goals

September Goals or my list of things to do...

1.Get my wisdom teeth pulled [ No pain from them but they aren't looking so hot :( ]
A. speak with dentist at my appointment for crown on Wed.-done!
B. set up an appointment for the referral place-done!
C. Go to the appointment- Set for October 21st-earliest they had!
D. I'm sure I'll have to then schedule for the teeth to actually come out- not done
E. Go to that appointment- not done
F. Recover-not done

2. Get my hair cut- I feel like I haven't even realized how long it had gotten until someone commented on a picture on FB and pointed it out...and now I can't believe how long it is either.
A. Call and set up an appointment (for this week)- done!
B. Go to appointment and get hair cut. (Since I don't dye/highlight my hair that should be relatively easy and relatively cheap) done and scheduled next appointment already

3. Get my prescription refilled and possibly transferred to a new pharmacy
A. Call and see if the office is still closed on Fridays (yay sequestration..not) done
B. order the refill and see if I can get it transferred somewhere else so I don't keep running into the same problem every 3 months ;) half done/ decided not to transfer prescription

4. Go to social security office and get name changed/new social security card.I know that this one is especially important for my husband and I should stop procrastinating on it...oops.
1. Find out where office is. done
2. Call and see if I can set up an appointment not done
3. Go in on a Friday after work not done
4. Gather everything I need not done
5. Go to appointment. not done

5. After social security is done and I get my new card...
1. Study for NC driving test. nope
2. Go to DMV- take driving test (written) nope
3. Hopefully ;) get new NC driver's license. no way
4. Surrender Illinois license :( :( yeah no

6.Get Notary Public status (Depends on when class is available.
1. Call and sign up for a class at the community college nope not until i have a nc license....
2. Take Class
3. Take my oath at courthouse
4. Buy/Order the seal 
Alright well I got my hair cut, refilled my prescription, and scheduled a consultation for my wisdom teeth. However, I made no progress with getting my name changed or getting a NC drivers license or notary seal. Hopefully I can make a little more progress for October. But hey at least I stopped procrastinating a little. 
Tomorrow I will post my October goals for the month. Hopefully they will be a little more fun and actually contain some personal/mental goals :)

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