Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enjoying a glass of wine after that bad?

Now I am the farthest thing from a big drinker-for several reasons and here they are. 1) I'm pretty small weight wise and I don't have a big tolerance for alcohol call me a lightweight if you will. 2)I don't like getting dizzy or nauseous or having headaches. 3) I like to be in control of myself at all times and I feel like you lose that when you drink. 4) I've seen how alcohol tears apart families (not my own...thank God). There you have it. A big night for me is probably 3 beers and I'm done in. Now that I have established my propensity to prove to the blogging world that I don't drink much... I'll tell you that for the past 2-3 days I've been enjoying a glass of wine before dinner.

It's been a pretty stressful week at work so the desire to sit on the couch, throw on some reality tv while dinner is being made, and enjoy a nice red or white has been rather strong. It has been a chance to relax and unwind from my day. This week my husband has been working a little later than usual and has been coming home around 7:30ish or so. This might sound a little bad but instead of being upset or a little annoyed (no fault of his own) I have been been very relaxed and genuinely happy to see him. I haven't complained or been grumpy...and embarrassingly enough...I think it's that glass of wine. Usually I stress over having dinner ready on time or trying to figure out what time he is getting home. Instead he gave me a ballpark estimate I've had dinner ready those two nights right as he was coming in the door and it has been...nice. Does this mean that I need a glass of wine to relax me and curb my temper? I sure hope not because I don't want to become dependent on it but I am enjoying feeling less stressed and angry. It's like that episode of King of Queens where Doug is making Appletinis for his wife every night and she is in such a good mood. lol! Anyone ever see that episode, it's hilarious.

I don't feel like OH MY GOODNESS I NEED A GLASS OF WINE OR A DRINK or anything like just has helped put me in a better mood...and since its been that time of the month for certainly hasn't hurt. ;)

How about you? Do you have a glass of wine or maybe something a little stronger to help you unwind after a long day? Let me know so I don't feel like the only one with a budding drinking routine. :)

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