Monday, September 16, 2013

5 months until 0 and a small raise!

I'm back from our little weekend get-a-way to Myrtle Beach. I had a very nice time and was glad that we got to spend time with the in-laws. They are truly wonderful people. It is so easy to forget that Myrtle beach is only 2.5 hours away from us. It was nice to be able to leave around 2pm and be home by 4:30ish. The only weird thing is I got this rash on my stomach and I have no idea what it is from! I didn't discover it until last night. I'm going to the store after work and picking up some benadryl. Hopefully that will help! It isn't really itchy but its all across my stomach and nowhere else...what the heck!?

I'm very happy to announce that I got a small raise at work. I work 40 hours a week and get paid isn't really much but it is an extra 120 a month after taxes so I will take what I can get. The nice thing is that 120 a month means that my loans will get even more of a snowball on them. :) I paid my federal loans for the month and my $1,623.04 loan is now at $1,372.680 every little bit helps. If I make steady payments of $275 a month on that loan I can have it paid off in as little as 5 months. If I only paid the minimum on the loan it would take me 7 years to pay off and I would pay $278 in thank you! I already make very little as it is-I want my money to go as far as possible. :)

Prior to our wedding my husband and I had agreed to take a certain amount of money from what we received at the wedding and work on paying down our credit cards. So far I haven't touched the money yet but I think I'm going to start taking money out each month and begin to actually make some progress on the credit card front. Currently I only spend 17.99 a month on my card (birch box and credit score tracker). However with 18% interest and 5300 on the card and $200 a month payments I don't seem to be getting very far. It's time to make a large payment and get the ball rolling.

Well that's it for now...time to get back to work. Also, my heart goes out to everyone involved in the Washington Navy Yard Shooting. Praying for everyone involved.

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