Monday, April 14, 2014

It's official! I'm a North Carolinian! Is that what it's called?

Wow! Would you look at that? Wait no if I look at something I'll get distracted and forget that I was writing a post. In less than a month I have managed to get a few more things accomplished or at least semi-accomplished.

Well I still need to schedule a haircut but...

I went to the DMV on Saturday (yay for being open on a Saturday!) and got my driver's license. I just need to wait to get it in the mail in the next two weeks. Luckily, they let you keep your license from your other state so I won't have to worry until after the 27th and even then I'll have that temporary license thing they give you.

I set up an appointment with the eye doctor for April 26th so I'm just waiting for that. I'm going to look into getting contacts that you can keep in for a month at a time. Because let's face it if I procrastinate about absolutely everything in my life you can bet that I leave my contacts in for longer than I am supposed to. For over the past two months I have actually been wearing my glasses-not because I have run out of contacts but because I want my eyes/prescription checked before I wear contacts again.

I also set up an appointment for the dentist- May 12th. I'm very convinced that I have a cavity but that's my fault for never remembering to floss. Ugh. I need to step it up.

So what is next up on my list?

.Get Notary Public status
1. Call and sign up for a class at the community college
2. Take Class
3. Take my oath at courthouse
4. Buy/Order the seal

Also, get jewelry checked. I just need to bring my papers with me and just go after work one day. 

I also need to start getting my name changed on other things like bank account, credit cards, student loans, insurance papers, etc. If I can just force myself to do things a little at a time it won't be so overwhelming.

I'm slowly but surely getting better at trying to get things done.

Now for finances... I've been keeping things moving along slowly but surely when it comes to my student loans. By the end of the month I should have a little around $13,000 left on my federal loans. My initial goal was to be putting $1000 a month towards my federal loans and minimum on sallie mae. However, I have been averaging about 800 a month instead. I think it is just a mental thing for me. The money is there I have just been shortchanging it. What I'll do I think is add up the money that I haven't put in (around 800) and just make an extra payment to catch up on my schedule. I'm so determined to pay down these loans as much as possible before my husband and I decide to start expanding our family. 

In other news...nothing exciting has really been going on in my life. I have been reading more books lately which is good and trying to cut down on tv. I'm also going to be relearning the language I studied in college so that will be exciting as well. I had been going to the gym when I had a free membership and I think I'm going to sign up again. I'm just not happy with how my body has been looking and summer is approaching. I've got to keep on myself to get things done and hopefully I'll get better at that.


  1. Making some progress on your list!!! Go girl!!!

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