Wednesday, March 19, 2014

4th Student Loan is History!

If you look at my side bar you can see that I have paid off my 4th student loan this month! No time to celebrate though...just onto the next one! :)

I used 1,000 from our tax return and was able to get my credit card down to the lowest amount I've seen since the end of 2012- it is sitting at $2868 right now. Finally an end in sight and I still have the 0% APR for several more months. :)

Just for fun I'm going to look at the September goals and see if I've accomplished anything in 7 months since I made them...

1.Get my wisdom teeth pulled [ No pain from them but they aren't looking so hot :( ]
YES! I got my wisdom teeth pulled two days before Thanksgiving. It wasn't the pain from my teeth that was bad...turns out I hate percocet. Ugh gave me the worst headaches ever- I couldn't even celebrate Thanksgiving- never again.

2. Get my hair cut- YES/NO I had gotten this one done but it is time for a new appointment last appointment was in...November I think? It's been 6 months. I think I'm going to find a cheaper place though since my hair is so low key. I usually end up paying $45 with tip for just  a simple trim.

3. Get my prescription refilled and possibly transferred to a new pharmacy NO!!Did this but again I need to
 refill this prescription but since I work the entire day on Friday now this has become a problem. I need to find a solution for this one. Maybe I can get it transferred to a nearby pharmacy? Call and find out.

4. Go to social security office and get name changed/new social security card.I know that this one is especially important for my husband and I should stop procrastinating on it...oops.
YES!!!! Well 7 months later...last week I finally took some time off from work and went to social security...and changed my name! Good thing to since my license expires in April.

5. After social security is done and I get my new card...NO!!
1. Study for NC driving test. Not yet but my husband has a copy of the manual. That is my goal
2. Go to DMV- take driving test (written) - NEED to do this before April 27 when it expires- clearly I'm a procrastinator
3. Hopefully ;) get new NC driver's license NEED TO DO THIS ASAP

6.Get Notary Public status (Depends on when class is available. NO!
1. Call and sign up for a class at the community college nope not until i have a nc license....
2. Take Class
3. Take my oath at courthouse
4. Buy/Order the seal

Well I guess I made some progress. I also need to:
1. Set up appointment with eye doctor
2. see eye doctor/ order new contacts

1. set up cleaning for dentist
2. go to appointement

GET MY Jewelry checked on...overdue! Ugh when do people find time to do these when most doctor type offices are closed on Saturdays here! I mean seriously! When are people that work supposed to do these things?

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  1. You've made some progress!!!! I totally understand and feel your frustration about weekend appointments.